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Thought Leadership

E-books, white papers, and reports:

IDC: The Business Value of WalkMe White Paper

IDC: The Business Value of WalkMe White Paper

See why WalkMe customers will see an estimated 3-year ROI of 494% and significant adoption and cost benefits.

Digital adoption: The key to maximizing ROI on digital transformation

Discover how to overcome change resistance and empower innovation with a structured, data-driven approach to digital adoption.

Powering industry transformation with digital adoption

Deliver deeper, wider, and more effective digital adoption for your industry.

Powering HR impact: Taking control of your tech stack

A 5-step plan to optimize your HR software with a digital adoption platform.

5 ways to combat digital friction: Boost efficiency while maximizing seller effectiveness

Eliminate digital friction while igniting sales productivity with digital adoption.

The data that drives a winning sales tech stack

Uncover the five steps that will help you build a successful sales tech stack with a digital adoption platform.

Blog Articles

The DAP tipping point: From category creation to market leadership and beyond

Hear from WalkMe’s CEO on how DAP is changing how organizations approach and manage their digital transformation initiatives.

Infographic: Visualizing the State of Digital Adoption 2022-2023

Check out statistics that reveal the current digital adoption resources of enterprises and their future strategy and investment plans.

Top 6 strategies to overcome resistance to change in your company

This guide will help you overcome employee resistance to ensure your change initiatives succeed.

Webinars & Videos

HR trends: Designing digital experiences for maximum impact

Discover how enterprises are leveraging HR tech to change the employee experience and unlock renewed productivity potential. CTA: Watch the webinar

Digital adoption: A strategic enterprise investment for 2023

Hear what Forrester’s Senior Analyst has to say about the fast-changing DAP market and trends we can expect in 2023.

Digital adoption: The new imperative for software ROI

Watch our panel of experts discuss why traditional methods are falling short, and how DAPs are becoming the preferred approach to boost software ROI.

Analyst Research

The Forrester New Wave™: Digital Adoption Platforms, Q4 2022

Forrester recognizes WalkMe as a Leader. This report is the ideal resource for technology executives selecting the right DAP partner.

2022 Gartner® Market Guide for Digital Adoption Platforms

Learn why Gartner recognizes DAPs as a digital transformation accelerator in the first Market Guide for Digital Adoption Platforms.

IDC TechBrief: Digital Adoption Platforms

For the first time, IDC details how DAP can help you effectively use and increase returns on your tech stack.

Gartner® Infographic: Digital Workplace Innovation Impact Matrix

Discover why Gartner® lists Digital Adoption Solutions as a core ambition to a digital workplace innovation strategy.