Get a clear picture of how applications are being used in the context of the jobs your people are trying to get done.

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As a numbers-driven business, we use data to guide our decisions and make digital adoption as impactful as possible –WalkMe helps us find the right solutions.

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Marquie Lazaro

Senior VP, Learning & Development
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You can only fix what you can see

You can only fix what you can see.

See the applications running in your organization, who's using them, and whether they're being used as intended so you can make better choices about your software use.

Get actionable insights to resolve user friction.

Uncover valuable insights into user journeys and analyze engagement in the context of single or multi-application workflows.

Get actionable insights to resolve user friction
Diagnose form inefficiencies

Diagnose form inefficiencies.

See exactly how employees interact with forms. Detect common errors and identify drop-off triggers and use AI-based actionable recommendations to fix broken workflows.

Discover more about WalkMe’s data solutions.
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Understand user behavior and errors while providing automated insights and real-time course correction.

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