With just a click, automate repetitive, tedious, and complex processes to drive higher satisfaction and efficiency for customers and employees.

Automation Automation

WalkMe automates processes and encourages self-service, which gives our folks a sense of independence and allows HR the freedom to focus on proactive customer service instead of answering ‘how to’ questions.

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Kim Knight

Kim Knight

SVP Human Resources Fairfield Residential logo
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process adoption

Drive cross-application process adoption.

Increase productivity and efficiency by automating processes and eliminating empty clicks across applications. Leverage WalkMe’s ActionBot and natural language interface to complete processes or access data - without having to open up the application.

Increase user confidence and engagement.

Employees and customers are overwhelmed by software, procedures, and constant changes in processes - leading to confusion, frustration, and an overhead on support. Make your users more engaged, productive, and confident by automating everyday tasks.

user engagement
data integrity

Improve data integrity.

Filling out forms and fields is time-consuming, confusing, and error-prone. Leverage automation to autofill forms and fields to ensure that users enjoy a streamlined experience and the data in your system is clean and accurate.

Discover more about WalkMe’s automation.

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