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Employee Training

With WalkMe's Digital Adoption Platform, support hybrid work environments and an agile workforce as you reinvent how employees learn and adapt to change.

Employee Training
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Offer contextual training.

Provide employees with self-service and contextual support, while eliminating the need for in-person training.

employee support

Overcome the learning curve.

Accelerate time-to-competency and process completion with task-specific training.

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Gain visibility into software usage.

Monitor usage, proficiency and detect pain points where employees are struggling to offer dedicated support.

How it works

Unlock business value by transforming user adoption.

Manage employee training experiences in all types of learning and development initiatives, designed to improve employee skills, performance and productivity.

The Challenge

Increase employee productivity under constant change.

70% of employees attest they don’t have the required skills to succeed in their job. Developing an effective learning process can be challenging when faced with rapid change.

Product Adoption
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Hitachi Vantara uses WalkMe to drive digital adoption, boost sales productivity across technology stack


Reduced Training Time


adoption increase of digital sales tools


apps combined into one user experience

The true value of WalkMe, is its ability to work across applications as an organization wide change management solution. So we see the value of our investments in our tools straightaway.

Jeff McKittrick

Fmr. Vice President of Sales Business Capabilities, Hitachi Vantara
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Our solution

Support an agile workforce to meet business goals.

With WalkMe’s Digital Adoption Platform, accelerate user competency across the tech stack with continuous training to drive business goals.

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Reduce training time by 60%

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