Employee Solutions

for Sales

Maximize your revenue potential by giving your sellers the real-time support they need to navigate business-critical sales software with ease and accuracy.

user journeys

Gain new insights.

Pinpoint and resolve digital friction points in your sales processes to drive efficiency and optimize adoption.

customer engagement

Accelerate time-to-competency.

Get sellers up-to-speed and selling faster with contextual guidance and self-serve support.

IT support

Improve forecasting accuracy.

Guide sellers and validate data at the point of entry to boost forecasting reliability.

How it works

Turn complex workflows into seamless selling experiences.

Unlock the full value of your sales tech. Drive seller effectiveness and software adoption across applications and business processes.

The challenge

Eliminating digital friction

Sellers face an unprecedented level of digital friction – diminishing productivity, reducing critical customer contact time, and undermining forecasting accuracy. Sales leaders need agile, scalable tools to overcome tech sprawl and a constantly changing application and process environment.

W.L. Gore & Associates slashed 400+ meeting hours, doubled user satisfaction, and increased seller productivity.


shorter enablement time


meeting hours cut


reduced training time

We now have a 100% digital approach for most new features and updates, and live training has been mainly eliminated – a potential savings of 10+ trainer hours and 60 minutes per Associate. Anywhere from 250-500 users need to be trained through 10-20 live sessions per major feature. Users can now quickly find the support that they need in-tool, when they need it, with no interruption to their workflow and experience less time away from customers.

~ Christi Lopez

WalkMe Administrator, W.L. Gore & Associates
Our solution

Make your sales tech work for you.

WalkMe’s Digital Adoption Platform equips sales leaders with the insights and tools they need to optimize digital workflows, boost productivity and efficiency, effectively train and onboard reps, and maximize the ROI of their sales tech.

Discover more about WalkMe for Sales.

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Maximize your revenue potential and give your sellers the realtime support they need to navigate business-critical CRM apps with ease and accuracy.

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