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Discover how your sellers use Salesforce® so you can pinpoint friction, design and deploy solutions that enhance user experience, and automate workflows to hit your sales targets faster.

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business growth

Gain visibility into user journeys.

Understand software usage, points of unintended friction, and opportunities to improve and scale.

hybrid work environments

Streamline process efficiency.

Leverage automation and data validation rules to ensure critical business processes are completed quickly and accurately.

user journeys

Increase seller productivity.

Ramp reps quickly and keep them on top of changes, whether they’re at home or in the field.

Make Salesforce® easier for your sellers

WalkMe’s Digital Adoption Platform simplifies the Salesforce® experience from day one – streamlining onboarding, improving forecasting accuracy, and maximizing seller effectiveness. Amplify the power of your most business-critical sales software.

Employee onboarding

Unlock the value of technology with WalkMe

Guide reps through workflows to improve process completion rates and drive adoption of mission-critical software.

sales stack
  • Pinpoint and resolve digital friction points
  • Ensure data integrity at the point of entry to improve forecasting
  • Ease support burden and create self-sufficient reps with in-app guidance
  • Automate repetitive and complex tasks to ensure accuracy and speed
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