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Change Management

Change is hard. With WalkMe, realize the value of your technology investments and drive long lasting change.

Business Continuity
Empower productivity

Boost productivity during change.

Guide employees and customers to master software change within the flow of work.

digital workplace

Maximize the impact of change.

Measure and drive user experiences across the tech stack to meet your business goals.

user journeys

Gain full visibility into user journeys.

Understand where your change efforts are getting stuck with visibility across the tech stack into user productivity and software usage.

How it works

Accelerate the impact of change.

Gain visibility into software usage and employee journeys across the tech stack and leverage actionable insights to drive long lasting change.

The Challenge

Technology investment is driving rapid change.

With digital transformation as the number one budget priority for CIOs, software investment is booming, leaving employees facing constant change that harms productivity and meeting business goals.

Software implementation Graph
Christus Health

Christus Health uses WalkMe Digital Adoption Platform to roll out crucial technology to health care professionals.


Improved payment outcomes per month


Applications use WalkMe


Fewer support calls a month

WalkMe has changed our learning landscape. In the past, we’ve always had to be more reactive in the way we approach learning. Now, we can actually roll out the learning alongside the system or the new products.

Tobias Washington

Director, Learning Experience, Design and Technology, Christus Health
process adoption
Our solution

Make digital change stick.

With WalkMe’s Digital Adoption Platform measure, drive, and act to ultimately maximize the impact of your change management strategy and accelerate the return on your software investment.

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