UI Intelligence

Powerful AI-driven analytics that help you understand, predict and act on user behavior.
Harness the power of WalkMe’s UI Intelligence to uncover actionable insights into exactly where users get stuck, waste time, or abandon processes.

Identify friction points within business processes

Focus on creating content that has immediate impact by using AI-driven analytics that detect form-usage issues across multiple platforms. Uncover the areas that have the most errors, churn and wasted time, so that you can focus on building the right solutions in the right places.

Continuously optimize user experiences

Proactively take action by always knowing which content works and where you’ll need to make adjustments in continuously changing environments.

Decipher user behavior with zero configuration

Analyze and track user behavior across forms, no engineering resources required. Get complete visibility into recurring issues through detailed insights and manage them with a simple analytics dashboard.

Discover more about WalkMe’s data solutions.

WalkMe wins Artificial Intelligence Excellence Award

WalkMe UI Intelligence, was named a Business Intelligence Group’s Artificial Intelligence Excellence Award winner in the pattern recognition category.

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Discover WalkMe UII for Salesforce (Video)

Understand user behavior and errors while providing automated insights and real-time course correction.

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How to measure leading vs. lagging indicators of your digital initiatives

Discover the metrics high performing teams use to ensure they’re on the path to digital adoption success.

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