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Conversations about Race, Racism and Belonging

Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) are not new – these are words we have heard in business for at least 20 years now.

What is new is the leaning in around issues of race.

Companies that are committed to D&I  are being asked to take a look at the representation of people who are black and people of color – particularly in leadership roles. What we see across the board in leadership roles (from the Board Room to the C-Suite and even into management) is that the representation of people who are black is low.

The reason is systemic, and the answer is more than just focused hiring.

Numbers are not enough. What we have to talk about is the workplace experience.
How do employees who are black and employees of color feel at work? Do they feel acknowledged, valued, seen?

Annemarie Shrouder has written a book that highlights the polarity of race – the either/or – and the impact of that personally and in the workplace. When we are disconnected and are stuck in an either/or mentality it is difficult to create healthy workplace communities where people are seen, heard and valued.

Being Brown in a Black and White World shares the personal cost of this polarization along the lines of race, as well as the cost to organizations. The book asks us to imagine a new way – the both/and – as a way to heal the racial divide and create healthy workplace communities.

What are you doing to create a healthy workplace community?
How are you leaning in to real conversations about race and inclusion?

Complete with questions for leaders to consider in their D&I walk, Being Brown in a Black and White World is a valuable addition to conversations about race, racism and belonging.

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