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What is Still Work 2 Do?

To be honest, I’m not exactly sure what this site will become. I just know that there’s STILL a lot of work to do and that’s not by some of us, it’s by all of us. There’s a lot of hurt, pain and frustration happening in the world. There’s also reasons to feel hopeful and excited about what is to come. There’s so many posts and articles that I’ve come across through social media, blog posts, podcasts, videos and more that I guess this will start out as a way to showcase some of those.

I’ve thought about launching a podcast, as I have a daily business podcast already–the I AM CEO podcast and know that world better than some but I’m just not sure. For now, this will be a way to compile many of the ways in which we need to do more work–racial inequality, prejudice, gender gaps, systemic racism, cultural bias, sexual orientation and so many more things.

As I said on Instagram, the work that is needed will manifest itself in different ways–podcasts, services, social media posts, voter registration, conversations, designs, resources, protesting, donations, giving speeches, reading, writing and I believe that there’s not going to be one thing that pushes everything forward. It’s going to be the collective work, gifts and talents from all of us to make that happen. So, I ultimately hope that this just highlights some of what can be done and what people are doing.

I’ve always felt hope in work because it means that we’re trying. It might not be perfect but faith without works is dead. So I say let’s roll up our sleeves and start to do the things that will make the world a better place–TODAY.

This is my imperfect action towards a better world, hopefully it inspires you, it excites you or sparks you towards finding and DOING the work that you can do.


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My heart is heavy as it is for many. I have so many emotions during this time: ANGER, HURT, PAIN, FEAR, FRUSTRATION, SHOCK, SADNESS & I’m not even sure how to express it. It’s hard to dr1ve when you’re not human in some people’s eyes. It’s hard to dr1ve when you can’t breathe. It’s hard to dr1ve when you’re being hurt, killed, & dehumanized. . . This is not new. The only difference is it’s being broadcast from everyone’s radio stations (podcasts) or their newspapers (blogs) or live video sets (FB, IG & YT). It has been happening but I think as the saying goes if a picture is worth 1,000 words, a video is worth 1,000,000,000. . . I thought about how 2 start this…maybe Jesus wept or anger or pain or a quote from Martin or Malcolm or even “I can’t breathe” but I came to “still work 2 do” because to me I’m sad, but still hopeful. Work has always meant many things but has mostly been positive. It has symbolized that a goal, although challenging, is attainable. We can get somewhere & be somewhere in our lives, in our businesses, in our jobs, or more relevantly in our country and world with work. . . How can we as a people lack humanity, compassion for our fellow being? I thought or maybe even hoped with COVID-19 that a silver lining would be that WE would understand that a virus that literally didn’t care if you were white, black, brown or yellow could take your life. I thought maybe it would bring the world together. I have seen some of that and for that I’m still hopeful but I’ve also seen the vitriol, hatred, racism anpd despicable acts of people & my heart gets heavy. . . How is it we care more about being right than being human? How did we care more about vanity than what’s internal? We have a serious problem. . . To dr1ve is to work and fight for the humanity, justice and respect that we all deserve. It’s to bring light to the systemic racism that has manifested itself in the videos that we see and the people that are no longer with us but can rear its ugly head @ the grocery store, or workplaces, in a classroom, in our front yards, in our homes, in our cars, or in social media comments. . . Let’s work and despite the bumps, slashed tires & roadblocks DR1VE.

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