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There's Still Work 2 Do...


...Not from some of us but from ALL of us. There are inequalities and racial injustices in this world and we hope this shirt is a symbol and a catalyst for the work that's still to be done to uplift and improve the world and remove the hatred, bigotry, inequalities and racism in our world and society.

This t-shirt was created in the memory of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmed Aubrey, Trayvon Martin, Eleanor Bumpers, Eric Garner and many other that have lost their lives. It's in memory of the ones that have and STILL do experience the inequalities that are prevalent in the systems around us. We hope that the work, conversations and support will continue to be done to make the world a better place. It's not an easy or quick path but we are hopeful that we can dr1ve to a better tomorrow.

The blood (red), sweat (black) and tears (blue) at the hands of these injustices and inequalities is symbolized by the drop at the tip of the #2.

A portion of proceeds go to support an organization fighting for social justice and fighting against racial injustices and inequalities.